On August 19th Shelly and Mike got engaged on LaSalle Street Bridge while on their way to dinner at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. When we heard the news the whole family celebrated! You see these are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet and truly one adorable couple. I remember telling my husband after meeting Shelly’s boyfriend for the first time that he seems like a really great guy who cared a lot for his sister. Not only has Mike captured Shelly’s heart but he has won over the hearts of everyone in the family. Most importantly, Mike has been there for Shelly throughout everything… which speaks volumes!

      So naturally when they hired me to capture their engagement and wedding I knew we would have to start their engagement session at that very spot he popped the question. The best part of their engagement story was when Mike told Shelly he wanted a selfie photo of the two of them on the bridge before dinner. With a shaky hand he took a “blurry” photo and he told Shelly to pick out a filter on Instagram. Needless he had one pre-made for the occasion, got down on one knee and popped the question. Shelly obviously said YES and the rest is history!

      It has been awesome watching Shelly and Mike’s relationship develop from the very beginning and I’m couldn’t be happier to capture the two of them getting married in Indianapolis this coming March. Welcome to this crazy family Mike we’re so looking forward to having you apart of it!

      Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 1V on Portra 800 | Film Processing: Richards Photo Lab