Last weekend I had the honor of shooting Luke and Kristi’s engagement session. Even though it was slightly colder then we would have liked, I’m so glad we all braved it. We started in old town, took a walk to Lincoln Park (where we found the only pine tree in the city) and ended at the Heritage Bicycles General Store. The light was beyond stunning and with a slight dusting of snow, it could not have been more perfect. You will see why I’ve been dying to share this engagement session all week long!

      I’ve known Luke and Kristi since college and let me tell you, these two are made for each other. They both have a lust for life and I’m soooo jealous of their urban style! Seriously Kristi, you will have to become my closet stylist (wink, wink).

      To hear them share their engagement story is heart warming, but instead of me trying to tell you how Luke popped the question I thought it would best to hear from Kristi herself…

      We took off for Michigan on Saturday, arriving to my hometown in Indiana on Sunday. On Monday (Christmas Eve) Luke went to “hang out” with our friend and fellow IWU tennis alum. He said he’d be back by 4 as “church was at 5”. The two of them spent the day cleaning the barn and setting everything up.

      We left a little later than my parents as Luke was taking his time getting ready, which only frustrated me. All a part of the plan. My dad called Luke as we’re on our way saying “oh, weird, church is at 11pm. Not sure how that mix up happened but we’re running to Marsh”. He got off the phone and asked if I just want to go on a drive through snowy Indiana and “get lost”. Hesitant at first (I’m annoyed I got out of my pjs and dressed) I said, “Not really (pause)…but, if you want to get lost, go left” which is towards Claypool and the exact direction he needed to get me to the barn.

      *Note, the house and barn is his aunt and uncle’s, and where he grew up having “cousin camp”– pretty perfect that I hadn’t visited yet.

      We drove around for a bit till the lighting was right, then we passed the house and he noticed a “Hoosier Homestead” sign outside their house, indicating this house has been in the family for more than 100 years. He says “Oh, babe, have you heard of this?? These old farms will open up their houses and barns for tours during the holidays”. Well we pulled in and I uncomfortably said “I’m not going in there, you go, I’m not ok with this…” ha! Finally, after some coaxing, I followed him in….having no idea.

      We walked into the dark barn, went up the stairs and turned the corner to see the most beautiful setting (I still don’t know). I treat this place as a “tour” and think the homeowners set it up like a nostalgic location for the holidays. There on the table was a typewriter, a flask, two canes (for growing old), an old lighter and lanterns. He wanted a little something to keep for himself too, which is pretty awesome.

      After walking around for a bit, I sat down by the typewriter with Luke and he said “Look, there’s a letter in the typewriter” and pulled it out. I saw my name at the top and gasped–FINALLY I had figured it out. He read the letter (which he had stayed up till 5 am the night before writing), and got down on one knee. My answer: “of course I will marry you”.

      A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to Heritage Bicycles General Store for letting us warm up with some delicious coffee and showing us some sweet hospitality.

      So without further delay, I hope you enjoy Luke and Kristi’s “adorbs” engagement session!


      Christine! These are really great!!! I love all the details that compliment the story of their love in the coffee shop. And, Kristi – you look AMAZING! Congrats again to you and Luke! xo

      Awww Robyn… thanks for making my day!