After college I thought I was done with film. Done with the processing, done with the dark room, done with it all. I never dreamed I would want to shoot it years after I thought it had become a part of my past. But true be told I’ve fallen in love with film all over again, just in a very different way.

      I adore how clean skin tones look, how dreamy the light wraps around your subject and how you almost never have to touch your film scans once they come back from the lab. I mean don’t get me wrong it has taken me a long time to jump back into film. Considering there are so many moving parts like rating, pushing, pulling, labs, metering for shadows, etc. Not to mention the expensive of film is not for the faint of heart.

      However over the past few years I’ve seen a MAJOR shift in the wedding industry and I believe it is all due to some of the great film photographers like Jose Villa, KT Merry, Kirk MastinJonathan Catalus just to name a few. The fine art approach to film is so much more than just snapping a photo, it is the art of mastering light and styling.

      Needless to say I’ve been working towards integrating FILM more into my workflow. So far it has gone better than expected and I’ve been enjoyed every step. Honestly I feel like I can breathe again.

      Thank you to the lovely Maria of Maria Harte Photography for being so willing to be a model for me on our lunch date!

      Canon 1V on Fuji 400H scanned by The Find Lab