BlogNewLookI’ve been contemplating a rebrand for as long as I could remember, however I finally made the leap and I’m loving the results. Dabble Me This has a fresh new look!

      Being your own graphic designer can either help or hinder you when it comes to re-designing your brand. When it came time to creating a new website, I threw myself into it head on; I’m a total DIYer! Which is great to a point, but I feel like it consumes me until I finish. I’ve spent countless hours mulling over the smallest of details and making sure everything is just so. Of course I could not have made this happen without the loving support of my husband Mike. I’m incredibly thankful he let me pick his brain numerous times. He seriously is tried and true!

      The BIGGEST change you will notice is that everything works cohesively across multiple platforms [ Insert excited clapping here]!!! I’m thrilled, because now I can give my clients the same experience no matter what device they use. Secondly, Dabble Me This has changed to a softer whimsical logo. Don’t get me wrong I loved my logo before, however the new logo plays more to the fresh and whimsical look. Lastly, if you have ever been to my house you know I’m obsessed with GREY. I mean everything is grey, white and tan. Sooo naturally…. I took my personal style and incorporated into what I love most!

      I can’t wait to see what other new and exciting things happen this year! I really hope you check out the new website and show it some love.


      Oh my goodness Christine!!!! I just love your new look – clean and timeless but most importantly, I love how beautifully it showcases your gorgeous work. I have website envy! xx

      Looks amazing Christine! Congrats!!!

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