After the past few years of following Jasmine Star, I finally got to attend one of her workshops called theFIX in Chicago. To my surprise after the event I started to connect with other photographers on facebook. So when Keren from Keren Sarai Photography suggested doing a stylized group shoot, I jumped on it! I have always wanted to do a stylized shoot, but honestly never had the resources to do it all on my own.

      Not only did we find nine wonderful photographers to participate but the shoot became a true success. I believe throughout the process of the shoot it taught us all the value of working together as a team and how important it is to build relationships with other photographers. Thus, the Photography Stylistas were born! These girls are each amazing and I’m proud to call them all friends.

      After the shoot, Robyn from Robyn Photography reached out to ISS Magazine to see if they would be interested in featuring our unique stylized shoot. To our surprise, they loved the idea and published us in the Summer V3 issue! Below is the article ISS published about us, hope you enjoy!


      This is UNREAL!!! I’m so beyond excited to see this come to life!! Congrats!