I got to spend some time with the Wigdor family and their dog Teddy earlier this week, what a joy!!! Jill and Ben might just have the CUTEST family EVER. Their adorable daughter Ella melted my heart like butter the moment we met and I ate up every moment. Just turning one you can tell she is the apple of her parents eye. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of this amazing family!!!

      Phyllis T Eisenberg

      I can’t wait to meet Ella in person so she can get to know her Great Aunt. I want to pet Teddy, too. Beautiful photos.

      Hanna Nicka-Jaworska

      Most beautiful wedding

      Patti Garland

      WOW! What a beautiful family!

      Beautiful Photos of a beautiful family!!!

      Lynn Bonet Olejnik

      How sweet it is…