I was beyond thrilled when Yana, founder of Nomad Luxuries asked me to take some holiday photos for her and her husband Petar. Both Yana and Petar agreed they wanted to do something unique and out of the ordinary, with a little holiday glam.

      Since they both love classic jazz and Frank Sinatra (one of my personal favorites), we had to find a place for the shoot that had class with a twist of vintage. That is when it became clear Sepia Restaurant in the west loop was the perfect choice. It was a true gem… it had class, vintage and modern all rolled into one!

      Big props to Yana and Petar, they really dressed the part! I was shocked when Petar showed up in a tux and Yana had a beautiful snazzy black dress on. Hands down they made this shoot really come together with their personal style and love for details! Side note: I totally need to find my husband some polka dot socks not, I love Petar’s socks!

      After having a blast at Sepia we made our way over to Fourth Presbyterian Church and Kinzie street bridge to finish the shoot. I love when you find places in the city that don’t even look like they belong here in Chicago. It just goes to show how diverse Chicago can be and one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with this city to begin with.

      Yana and Petar thank you for the amazing time. It was a true pleasure being able to photograph you both, you guys rocked it!